Catamount Constructors | Lakewood, CO

We recently did a 32-employee headshot event for Catamount Constructors in Lakewood, not that far outside of Denver. Catamount’s entire team was going to be together for a company event, and they decided it was the perfect time to do new headshots for their execs and staff.

Catamount wanted uniformity in the photos so that everyone matched on the company website – pure white background, with even, consistent lighting. We set up in an empty conference room, and were able to spend enough time with each person to fit into the time frame they had blocked off for us.

They had a specific date and time span in mind, and luckily, we were available to do the shoot! After a quick phone call with the company’s wonderful coordinator, we settled on all the details and finalized the event. We shot about 32 people that day for Catamount, and it was a smashing success! With about 4-5 minutes per person, we whipped through everyone quickly but methodically enough to get everyone some awesome new professional headshots within the requisite time period. The company was absolutely wonderful in helping facilitate the event and getting us the space and accommodations needed to set up. We loved getting to do this event for Catamount and had a blast meeting and photographing their execs and staff. If you are looking for new company-wide headshots for your business, just reach out and inquire about our multi-employee headshot rates – I’d love to help!

If you have any other questions or concerns before to your session, please reach out and contact me!

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