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First of all, Christina the photographer was just an absolute flattering person to work with. She was super professional and made my headshot experience one that I will never forget. She took the time to learn about my headshot goals, gave me great tips and suggestions prior to coming in, and took her time to help me nail what I wanted out of my photos. Couldn’t be any more pleased with her work. I highly recommend Christina! – Ana S.

Professional Headshots in Denver, CO

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Budget Friendly Photo Sessions

You never want a photographer who is the cheapest, because in almost every case you're going to get what you pay for; however, headshot sessions don't need to put you in severe debt either. We offer affordable rates without sacrificing any quality whatsoever. We stand by the final output of our work, and strive for complete client satisfaction.

Value Added Retouching Services

Each and every photo session comes with professional retouching of the photos in post-production, included in the cost of the photo shoot. It's important that our clients receive the absolute best final product, whether the additional retouching is extensive or not. Photoshop isn't required in order to get a great headshot, but we'll utilize it if needed.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority

We consistently strive to be one of the most reliable and respected headshot providers in all of Denver, which is why we’re proud to not only showcase all of our finished work, but also our 5-star reviews. We'd love nothing more than to help you and/or your company achieve clean, professional headshots that you can utilize for any medium.

Some of The Companies We've Worked With

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Denver’s Stress Free Headshot Process

A professional headshot session should not be an experince that you dread. We understand that getting your photo taken may not be your favorite thing, but we’re going to make this process as fun, easy, and memorable as possible. We won’t end the photo shoot until you have chosen photos that you love.

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Denver's Coporate Headshot Professionals

It's time to update your photos, isn't it?

Denver Corporate Headshots, owned and operated by Christina Cookson, has provided headshot sessions for individuals, and for corporations and their employees in not only the Denver Metro area, but all of the surrounding regions for many years. There is nothing better than helping our clients achieve the headshot that they seek, whether it’s their first time having their photo taken or not. We are more than happy to provide various options for those needing professional photos, including indoor sessions at our studio, or perhaps a more casual, outdoor session in natural light. We can easily accommodate a wide variety of backgrounds and lighting set ups to achieve the final result that you need. For companies with multiple employees that need consistent, professional headshots, we can travel to your place of business if needed. We are here to help you in any way we can!

“Christina was fantastic! I’m based in Alabama and needed headshots for my team in Denver. She was amazing to work with via email and phone. The whole process was seamless and incredibly professional. My team had nothing but positive things to say about their in-person interactions Christina and the shoot itself, plus the photos look great! I would absolutely recommend Christina to anyone in the Denver area in need of corporate headshots.” – Amanda M.

Headshots With No Stress

Headshot sessions should never give you the feeling like you’re going to the dentist. Even though a certain percentage of people really don’t like getting their picture taken, it’s ultimately up to the photographer to get the best out of each and every person. This is why it’s vital to work with the right photographer – one that will make you comfortable, relaxed, and confident. With Denver Corporate Headshots, you will never leave a photo session until you are satisfied with the photos.

Our Pricing Structure

We try to keep our pricing structure super simple, and extremely reasonable for our clients. We offer packages for single, one outfit photo shoots, multi-outfit photos shoots, and finally, separate pricing as it relates to group and multi-employee needs. If you have custom needs or any questions in general about our rates, simply give us a call at 303-931-5420 or head to our Contact Page to send us a message.

Timely Headshot Turnaround & Delivery

When you schedule a headshot session with us, we believe in getting you the final product, namely the retouched photo/s, very quickly. There is no reason to delay anything, especially if you or your employer need the files with a quick turnaround. Our general process is this: during each photo session, we will take a few minutes to review the session and have you choose a few of your favorites. This allows you to leave knowing that we got the shots, and all that is left is some minor retouching in post-production. You will always receive the best of the best photos from the shoot within 24-48 hours, and you will tell us which file/s you want to have professionally retouched as part of the package. Once we have that information, you will receive the finished product normally within 24 hours. When choosing our industry leading Denver business headshot company, you’ll receive a version for print, web size, and LinkedIn, should you need that – at no additional cost to you.

Our Denver Corporate Headshot Session Options

When it comes to getting professional photos taken for your business or for your employer, there are a few options that you have. For many, a simple headshot on a white, grey, or darker background in the studio is all they need. Some companies need consistency in style, composition, lighting, and background to match existing employee photos on websites. And headshots can even be taken outside for a more natural and casual feel. We are completely flexible and can handle most requests you have. Reach out to us today to get scheduled, or if you should have any further questions.

Professional Headshots Near Denver

Headshots in Denver are in high demand these days as companies create online profiles and bios for their employees, executives, and even remote workers. That’s why it’s important to work with a local photographer who can match existing needs, while also being flexible enough to create new looks and styles if needed. Our headshots packages are specifically designed for all scenarios, and we know that you’re going to be satisfied with the end result.

Businesses and Groups

More and more often we are contacted by companies who need to get headshots for multiple employees. In most cases there is a need for a consistent look and feel to the final pictures, whether it’s lighting requirements, backdrop color, file sizes, or all of the above. What’s crucial for the company is to work with a photographer who can either travel on location to get the job done in a timely manner, or have a studio where the various elements are consistent to produce identical results. We have extensive experience helping companies of all sizes achieve exactly this, including out of state companies with employees located in the Denver Metro region.

Natural Light Headshots in Denver, CO

Professional headshots don’t have to be taken in a studio! Indoor professional lighting has a purpose, and can be wonderful to create consistency and have full control; however, there is a beauty in natural light that can transform any photo into a living, breathing piece of work. If you are looking for a headshot that showcases you in the outdoors, whether it be a shot on the street, or against a beautiful brick wall, or even a skyline backdrop, we’ve got you covered.

Recent Shoots

Catamount Constructors

We recently did a 32-employee headshot event for Catamount Constructors in Lakewood, not that far outside of Denver. Catamount’s entire team was going to be together for a company event, and they decided it was the perfect time to do new headshots for their execs and staff. 

Professional Headshots in RiNo

Our client specifically asked if she could bring along her Great Dane, Burrhus, and take a few shots of the 2 of them together in RiNo for her web site. We utilized some really beautiful, colorful wall art as the backdrop for multiple shots, which turned out even better than we had hoped. 

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