Multi-Employee & Group Headshots

If you have a multiple employees who need headshots, or have a team event that you need a photographer for, we can help.

Team Headshots

Colorado Office of Economic Development
Digible | Denver, CO

For most businesses, it’s often far easier for us to come to you to take care of headshots for multiple team members. We can set up in a conference room, a lobby, or even outside of your office. We’ll bring the lighting, backdrops, and all of our equipment to your place of business so that your team can stay in the office for the photo shoot.

RDS Drywall | Frederick, CO

How Our Process Works, Generally

If you need to schedule a bunch of employees, or perhaps a large on-location group at a conference off-site, here are both some guidelines, and some suggestions to make things easier on you.

*Please remember that each person needs a few minutes at a minimum to be photographed. Attempting to fit large groups into super tight time frames is not ideal, usually resulting in headshots that don’t seem natural. We’ll help you with logistics to make each session efficient.

99% of Companies Who Contact Us Say This

Do you fall into this category, or something similar?

Great! You’re in the right place, and we can help.

Do You Have Specific Requirements?

Some companies need to match existing headshots of previous employees – background color, composition, lighting, and files sizes.

Some companies don’t. Either scenario is fine with us!

If you require certain specifications, we can match those, and if not, we can work with you to come up with what works best for your needs.

We can even insert or create backgrounds that work best with your website and/or branding.


Let's Talk About Backgrounds

What type of background color is needed? Are we matching existing headshots from a previous photographer, or do you prefer an outdoor photoshoot in natural light?

Maybe you have a specific requirement, and maybe you don’t.

The most common choices are pure white, slight grey, darker grey, and black. Let’s talk about which you prefer prior to the shoot!


Sometimes We Even Have Fun!

While most of or employee headshot sessions for large groups are pretty strightforward, we have the occasional group who wants to capture some fun shots for their website.

If you have some non-traditional ideas, we’d love to hear them!