It’s not always black OR white… it can be both!

One of the biggest decisions you might face on the day of your headshot session with us (other than your outfit) is what color backdrop you want. There are really 3 standard backdrop colors used by professionals for headshots. By far the most popular color is white. It’s professional, classic, clean, versatile and sharp looking. Another often-used color is gray or a gray-gradient. And lastly, there’s black. Black is, pardon the pun, the dark horse in this race. It often gets ignored. But, in my opinion, black is absolutely the right call for a certain type of headshot. If you are looking for something more dramatic, unique and powerful, black is the answer.

When you come into our studio, I’ll ask you what color backdrop you’d like. If you are not bound by any particular color (say for instance because other headshots on your company’s web site all have a white backdrop) I will also always suggest trying both the black and white backdrops (and gray, if you’d like) to see the differences. You never know, you might be surprised by the outcome and really dig both options. That’s exactly what happened on my last two shoots. Both clients ended up picking a white and a black backdrop image for their favorite headshot selections, and I loved them all!

Moral of this headshot story, you don’t have to limit yourself. Try something different, you might pleasantly surprise yourself with the outcome.

If you have any other questions or concerns before to your session, please reach out and contact me!

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