Company Headshots at Community Banks of Colorado

Baker Commons Location + Englewood Location

We had the great pleasure of getting to do company headshots for the awesome folks at Community Banks of Colorado this year.  While they have a ton of locations across the area, for these sessions, we got to work with their Baker Commons and Englewood branches.  If you’ve ever driven down South Broadway and seen that cool building that looks like a bagel-shaped spaceship, you have seen the Englewood branch of Community Banks of Colorado!  Here’s how the process went:

One day, I got a call from the incredibly funny + charming Vice President / Business Banking Officer at Community Banks of CO (he did not pay me to say that!), and he mentioned that two of their branches were in desperate need of some new headshots, and could we set up 2 different dates to come and shoot headshots for them at these locations?  I was super stoked to take on this assignment, and I could just tell it would be fun times, and that we could provide them with some killer new headshots.  

We set up two different days, roughly 2 – 2.5 hours each, and packed our lighting and backdrop equipment up and headed their way.  While we had a pretty tight space to work with at the Baker Commons location (we were basically in the corner right next to the stand with all the deposit/withdrawal slips), we made it work and both days went super smoothly. And thanks to the awesome team members at the branch locations, both days were fun and easy-going.  I tethered my camera to my laptop and reviewed the photos with each team member as we shot, so everyone could see the images as we were shooting.  

Because the teams didn’t know whether they’d want a black or white backdrop, we brought both and took test shots on each for everyone, and they then decided what backdrop they wanted to go with.  Surprisingly, everyone ended up going with the black backdrop. I’m stoked they did, because all the headshots came out killer and now they have nice uniformity across the board.  Below are some of the awesome shots we came away with.  *Major props to everyone we got to meet at Community Banks of Colorado – they were such a blast to work with!

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